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Shanghai Hospitals / Health Information

Shanghai Hospitals

Before leaving for China, make sure to have a complete physical exam, including a dental and vision check-up. Bring copies of medical records including the generic names of all medicine you are currently faking, allergies to food and drugs, past surgeries and illnesses, and immunization records.

Plan on Bringing six months to a years worth of medication routinely taken and leave all medicine in the original container.

American-Sino Ob/Gyn Service

This hospital is co-founded by a New York based Ob/Gyn medical group and Huashan Hospital. All the system and the service style are based on international standards, or more specifically, US standards. Such as private doctor services.
Tel: (0086-21) 6249-3246 (8am-8pm) / 2288-2373 (24hr)

Shanghai East International Medical Center

Providing world-class family healthcare to Shanghai’s international community, Shanghai’s most comprehensive foreign medical facility offers outpatient, inpatient, and surgical care by experienced, full-time expatriate medical staff.

Address: 551 South Pudong Road Pudong, Shanghai 200120
Tel: (86 21) 5879-9999

United Family Hospitals Updated!

Shanghai United Family Hospital & Clinics (SHU) is a sister organization of Beijing United Family Hospital & Clinics, which is the first foreign invested general hospital in China founded in 1997. SHU is proud to be the first international standard general hospital in Shanghai with its opening in October 2004. It is a joint venture between Chindex International Inc. and Changning District Central Hospital. SHU offers the complete spectrum of high quality international inpatient and outpatient healthcare services, including the LDRP western birthing center.

Add: #1139, Xian Xia Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Tel:(021) 6291-0917
Fax: (021) 6291-0927

World Link

Portman Clinic 1376 Nan Jing Road
The Shanghai Center, Suite 203
6279 7688

Hong Qiao Clinic (Medical and Dental)

788 Hong Xu Road, Mandarin City, Unit # 30
6405 5788

New Pioneer Medical Center

2F Ge Ru Building, 910 Heng Shan Road, Xu Hui
6469 3898 Fax: 6469 3897

Huashan Hospital (19th floor)

2 Wulumuqi Zhong Road, Jing An
6248 3986 Fax: 6248 8476

Sino-Canadian Shanghai Dental Center

639 Zhi Zoo Ju Road, Nan Shi
63133174 Fax:63789156

Intl Peace Maternity Hospital

910 Heng Shan Road, Xu Hui
6438 2452

Shanghai Medical University Childrens Hospital

183 Feng Lin Road, Pudong
64047129 Pager: 127x2037979

Dr Anderson & Partners General Medical Clinic

Room 1001, Block D New Century Plaza, 48 Xing Yi Road, Hong Qiao
6270 3263 Fax: 6209 6099

Sheng Da Dental Hospital

No.1, Lane 83, Tai Yuan Road, Xu Hui

Rui Jin Hospital

197 Rui Jin Er Road, Lu Wan
6437 0045

IMCC First People’s Hospital
85 Wu Jin Road, Hong Kou
6306 9480

Huadong Hospital

221 Yan An Xi Road, Pu Dong
6248 4867

Ren Ji Hospital (Pucongi

1630 Dong Fang Road, P