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Shanghai Asian Airlines Business Class

China Airlines Business Class – Integrated With Innovative Features

China Airlines is jointly owned by the state and the China Aviation Development Foundation. Based at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the airline service has its headquarters at Taipei. The service operates various flights to and from a number of destinations in Asia, Europe, North America and other parts. China Airlines business class and other classes have achieved good reviews for integrating some good facilities and features.

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The following discussion addresses the various phpects of business class of China Airlines:

Luxury Seating for Business Travelers

The business class layout of the China Airlines has been designed to offer comfort and space to the passengers. Here are some of the features of seating arrangement and other facilities integrated with them:

Stretching out facility to allow the chair to be stretched out up to 47-50 inches. So, one can expect a good level to relax on the chair.

One can recline the chair up to12 inches in order to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

The headrests are wide enough to allow comfort and one can also adjust them in different directions.

Back and leg supports have been taken care of to make it a comfortable journey for the passengers. Foot rests have also been installed.

Back reading lights can be adjusted to different angles according to one’s convenience.

Entertainment Features

One can expect an array of wonderful entertainment features offered by the business class to make it a great journey for the business passengers:

News and video programs make up for a great level of entertainment for the passengers.

One can also enjoy the local as well as international music videos. The 6-inch monitors are also installed to unveil good quality entertainment.

Additional programs and database of movies are offered to the passengers taking overnight flights.

High sound quality can be enjoyed, as an 8-CD player is integrated for the entertainment purpose.

Food at Its Best 

When it comes to food, one can expect a lot from the China Airlines business class menu cards:

Chinese, Japanese as well as Western cuisines are included in the menu to offer an array of choices.

Congee, noodles and other Chinese snacks can be enjoyed on a business trip with the airline services. 

Wines, cocktails, beverages and exotic coconut milk are among the drinks offered to the business class passengers.

Other Facilities

Eye-shades, lip-warm, mouthwash, cologne and perfumes are included in the overnight kits offered to the passengers. Slippers, pillows and blankets are additional articles to offer comfort. First aid kits and baby foods for the kids are also included in the list of amenities.

As you can see, there is no dearth of useful facilities offered by the business class of China Airlines. So, you can treat yourself as a privileged passenger by being a part of this class.