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Shanghai Airport Information

Pudong International Airport, Shanghai

Address: Pudong International Airport, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201202, China

Number of Terminals: 1

Telephone: (0)21 6834 1000
Fax: (0)21 6834 2735

Pudong International Airport Information - Shanghai updated!

Location: The airport is located 30km (19 miles) from central Shanghai

Since the official opening of Shanghais Pudong International Airport on October 1, 1999, Shanghai has become the first city in China to have two international airports. As a result the flights handled by Pudong Airport are increasing day by day and the modern equipment of the airport makes for more passenger convenience and ease.

Convenient Transportation

Under normal circumstances, passengers can travel from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Railway Station and Shanghai Harbor within 40-60 minutes. Five bus lines leading to the airport have been put into operation. The Pudong Airport is 40 kilometers from Hongqiao Airport and 30 kilometers from Renmin Square in the center of Shanghai.

It is a 40-minute car ride from Hongqiao Airport to Pudong Airport, and the taxi fare is about 150 yuan. It is a 60-minute car ride from the city center to Pudong Airport. Passengers can also take a special airport bus from Pudong Airport to the downtown area and Hongqiao Airport. Now five bus lines have been put into operation. The bus fare is 22 yuan from Pudong Airport to Hongqiao Airport, 19 yuan from Pudong Airport to the Shanghai Exhibition Center, 20 yuan from Pudong Airport to Zunyi Road, 18 yuan from Pudong Airport to Dongjiangwan Road, and 18 yuan from Pudong Airport to the Shanghai Railway Station. Buses operate from 6:00 to 19:00 in downtown areas and from 8:00 to 21:00 at Pudong Airport.

Boarding Formalities

The terminal building of Pudong International Airport covers 278,000 square meters, and is designed barrier-free. The broadcasting system uses three languages (Chinese, English and Japanese) to release flight information. It has eight ticket-handling islands, so passengers need not stand in line for boarding formalities.

Passengers can arrive directly at the second floor of the terminal building by car, and enter the departure hall through 18 entrances. Through the glass wall of the waiting hall, passengers can have a panoramic view of 65,000 square meters of lawn. The waiting hall has 20 check-in counters for domestic passengers and 25 check-in counters for international passengers.

The arrival passengers can directly enter the waiting corridor on the second floor, and take the escalator to the arrivals hall on the first floor to fetch their luggage. Going out of the terminal building, passengers can take taxis, public buses or the airport bus to go downtown.

Advanced Communications Facilities

The terminal building has installed 342 public phones, including IC-card phones, magnetic-card phones and coin-phones. Passengers can also use their mobile phones. In the building there are also Internet bars, where business travelers can surf the web.

Complete Service Facilities

On the third floor of the terminal building there is a shopping mall, with specialized stores selling various commodities with Chinese characteristics, including books, pharmaceuticals, handicrafts and general merchandise. The duty-free shops in the international departures hall sell four categories of commodities: perfume, general merchandise, food, and cigarettes and liquor. There are 11 restaurants and bars at the airport, some famous restaurants have branches there. The terminal building also provides hotel rooms for passengers to rent by the hour.

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