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Brisbane Parks and Gardens

Brisbane Parks and Gardens Overview

Brisbane has over 1,700 parks and community spaces totalling more than 10,500 hectares of green space. Our parks are among our greatest community assets. The information on this website is your guide to discovering and making the most of the natural entertainment and relaxation places in your area. Theyre open every day and theyre free! Each park is different. They range from those with ornamental gardens and gazebos, through to sporting fields and playgrounds, to memorial and heritage parks, to nature parks and scenic lookouts.

Our parks are the natural, no-fuss places for:

  • Gathering family, friends and neighbours
  • Ball games, walking, jogging and exercising
  • Taking some quiet time out to recharge your batteries
  • Riding a bike, or flying a kite
  • Skating, BMX and rollerblading
  • Watching the wildlife and picnicking
  • Barbecues and reunions

Visiting our parks is something you can do on the spur of the moment, any day. Its a great cure for boredom and a great alternative to dull, daytime television. Strengthen your bonds with family and friends. Rediscover conversation.

For more information on local parks, go to your suburb, or browse through the site. There are lots of parks in Brisbane├╝ Discover them all.

Types of Parks

Council has a Park for everyone needs, whether you want to take the kids for a play on the swings, have a family reunion, get married or research the family history, have a run, ride a skateboard, play a game of cricket with friends.├▓ To help you find the right park, we have broken the parks down into the following types. These lists do not include all parks, but there is enough that youll find one close to where you live.

Types of parks include: